In addition to all of the machinery we have on hand at our workshop, we have assembly and inspection areas, as well as saw machines and portable line borers. We have Hydrovane compressors available to us; complete with tools and equipment for when the need arises, while we also make use of a back-up power plan in unforeseen circumstances with generators at our disposal. We are also able to provide our fleet of vehicles for company requirements involving transportation of heavy objects or materials.

Our workshop makes use of 12 overhead cranes with varying ton limits. The use of so many cranes at once allows for smoother production; when we have to load jobs on multiple machines, no job has to wait to make use of a crane as there is always one available. This also ensures that when a crane requires repairing it does not throw off the work schedule, as other cranes available can seamlessly take its place.

Below is a list of our other equipment at our disposal: 

  • 2X Hydrovane Compressors with all tools and equipment.
  • Assembly Area with a 30 ton press, a 40 ton press, and all necessary equipment.
  • T. SAW 450, vertical band saw.
  • Saw Machine, 300mm diameter.
  • Inspection Area with inspection table, full range of calibrated micrometres and inspection equipment.
  • 2X 250 KVA Generators to run the company when there are power failures.
  • 1X Universal tool and cutter Grinder.
  • 1X 8ton truck.
  • 1X 4ton truck.
  • 2X 1ton Light delivery vehicles.
  • 4X 10 Ton Overhead Cranes.
  • 8X 5 Ton Overhead Cranes.
  • 1X Sir Meccanica Onsite Portable In-Line Boring & Overlay Welding Machine. Model WS5 Plus dia 32/dia 450mm.
  • 3X Manual Portable Line Borers.

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