GV Supreme Group Engineering has been contributing fabrication and welding expertise to mining and other industries for decades, as companies count on us to produce quality in specific timeframes. Clients approach us to fabricate items based on a specific design, and we ensure that it is produced to exacting standards, as we have for years with regards to elements such as gearbox housings. We have a standard procedure that we typically use for fabrication, but we are also equipped and trained to adhere to any process or procedure required by clients who approach us with a specific design or procedure in mind. Our workshop is equipped to produce steel fabrications of up to 10 Tons. Together with our fabrication and welding, we are able to use CNC Machines and Conventional Machines when needed for a specific project. The latest computerised technology is used to ensure the quality and accuracy of in-house or customer designed products.

At GV Supreme we make use of CO2 MIG welding, which uses carbon dioxide to protect the weld pool from oxidisation during the welding process. We also use TIG and stick welding in our fabrication projects, and we lend our expertise to clients who require specialised welding in the repair or manufacture of parts to specific customer specifications. Our welding manipulators allow us to weld around items vertically or horizontally, depending on requirements.

Our Fabrication and Welding Capabilities are as follows:

  • Steel Fabrication and welding of items up to 10 Tons
  • CO2 MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Stick Welding
  • Gouging

Our Welding and Fabrication Equipment and Facilities include:

  • Welding and Fabrication area with Hobart Welding Machine, 1mm up to 3,5mm wire.
  • Welding and Fabrication area with 9 x Miller dimension 562 Welding machines, 1mm up to 3,5mm wire.
  • Rotary welding machine up to 6mm stick welding and heating equipment.
  • 3X Manipulators for welding both vertically and horizontally.

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