At GV Supreme we take pride in our ability to undertake conventional machining processes involving turning, milling and boring to a very high standard. While we understand the importance of remaining at the pinnacle of innovation with CNC machining capabilities, we do not ignore the importance of conventional machines. We are well equipped to undertake turning, milling and boring operations on behalf of our customers in the manufacture or repair of any required part or machine element.

Our Conventional Machining Capabilities are as follows:

  • Conventional Boring and Milling to a maximum of X 2200mm x Y 2000mm x Z 1500mm dimensions and up to a weight of 6 Tons.
  • Conventional Turning with a swing diameter of 1200mm, a turning diameter of 1000mm, 3000mm long, and up to a weight of 3 Tons. o
  • Conventional Vertical Turning with a swing diameter of 1600mm, a turning diameter of 1500mm, a height of 1000mm, and up to a weight of 3 Tons.

Our Conventional Machines Include:

  • 2X Toss Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine, 1600mm x 1250mm x 1250mm with read-out.
  • 1X IVO LOLA RIBAR Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine, 2000mm x 2000mm x 2000m with read-out.
  • 1X No. 4 Stankoimport, Universal Milling Machine with dividing head.
  • 2X No. 1 Condor Milling Machines, with dividing head.
  • 1X Tos 71B Centre Lathe, 710mm OD x 2 metres.
  • 1X Tos 50C Centre Lathe, 500mm x 2 metres.
  • 1X Sir Meccanica Onsite Portable In-Line Boring & Overlay Welding Machine. Model WS5 Plus dia 32/dia 450mm.

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